Ronnie Funke

Ronnie Funke

Certified jazzercise instructor

I completed a half marathon in under 2 hours. This was a big accomplishment, as I don’t enjoy running!


Becoming a certified jazzercise instructor after just finishing my masters degree in nursing was a great accomplishment!

About Coach

I have always loved fitness and healthy living. I even spent a little time working at a weight loss center during my college years. This is where I learned how challenging healthy living and weight loss can be for some women. Since then it has been important for me to support, encourage and respect others in their health care journey!

Turning Point

I have always been an active person since childhood. I spent one summer interning as a health and wellness coach for The Hershey Corporate office. It was here where I learned to love group fitness classes. I enjoyed the support and commitment each person demonstrated during each class! This is where I learned, I wanted to become an aerobics instructor one day!

Motivation & Passion

I love Jazzercise and how it makes me feel every time I step foot in the studio. It is my mission to encourage, support and enlighten those trying to be healthy. I want to do this by promoting fun, positive body image and strength in my classes!

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