Paola Savitri

Paola Savitri

Kundalini Yoga teacher


Child Play Yoga Certification.

Kundalini Yoga Teacher Certification by KRI and Yoga Alliance.

Kundalini Yoga teacher certification Level 2,

Continue education towards 500-800 hours of yoga training ( Authentic Relationships, Conscious Communication, Life Styles, and Life Cycles modules),

Aryuvedic Yoga level 1 certification.

About Coach

I've always been a sportsperson. Before I decided to jump into Yoga, I practiced tennis, gymnastic, volleyball, and swimming and during college, I belonged to a Rugby women's team. When I came to the USA I did Capoeira until I was six months pregnant with my first child. As a mom, my body changed, and I found a new path for my physicality and human aspect to start exercising and feeling a little back to myself. Kundalini Yoga found me and since then I am grateful for everything was/is teaching me and everything I can share with others.

Turning Point

My turning point was that I felt something was getting lost in me. As a full-time single mom with a full-time job, juggling everything to provide for my family was hard and heartbreaking sometimes. I needed to go back to as least close to where I used to be and slowly it happened when I decided to say yes to a Yoga training that would ask a lot of me (my focus, my time) but also show me a new way to find myself again, and It did. I learned not to be my own enemy, not to judge and beat myself with regrets, doubts, and fears. I learned to love myself and teach my kids to do the same now and not wait to struggle in life to find a path that is always there for us, we just need to listen and be.

Motivation & Passion

Life is good, life is beautiful, and we all have the strength and power to be and achieve everything we are looking for in our lives. Just keep up and you will be kept up.

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