Judy Berlin

Judy Berlin

Certified Jazzercise Instructor

50 pushups (trying to get back to 100) & 3-minute plank.

I'm a former runner, now a slow jogger - 4 miles


Certified Jazzercise Instructor

About Coach

I am a former middle school math teacher with a lifetime passion for music, dance, and theater. I was always athletic, but there were minimal sports opportunities for girls/women in public schools back in the day. After starting a family, I left teaching (which I loved) to be a stay-at-home mom and became a Certified Jazzercise Instructor in 1989 when my middle child was heading to kindergarten. I was a Jazzercise Studio/Class Owner for 31 years when I transferred ownership of my business to my then Instructor, Cheryl Wipper, now owner of WellFit and Bloomingdale Jazzercise. I'm currently an Associate Instructor at Bloomingdale Jazzercise.

Turning Point

After my first child was born, my sister dragged me to my first aerobics class - it wasn't long before I was hooked on dance fitness! It was safe, effective, friendly, and FUN! It took me away for an hour to escape from a very busy life! That was in 1981 - I became certified to teach Jazzercise after moving to North Jersey and became a class mother for my middle child's kindergarten only to find out the other class mother was the Area Manager for Jazzercise. I picked her brain and soon after entered the Jazzercise Instructor training program and became certified in 1989. I was fearful of being on a stage, wearing a microphone while dancing and instructing people – but, my passion for music and dance, and my school teaching experience made me take that leap of faith in myself! I've never looked back!

Motivation & Passion

There are many reasons why I'm still passionate about Jazzercise after teaching classes for 34 years! Jazzercise is more than an exercise program - it's a friendly, welcoming community of people of all fitness levels, ages, shapes & sizes all moving together to the music at their own level of intensity and impact – all with similar goals - to live a fit and healthy lifestyle through dance-fitness! I'm proud to be a part of Jazzercise, Inc., a professional company offering the best all-around fitness program - cardio, strength, and stretch in every class; easy-to-follow dance and strength routines to all types of music (including Top 40); new routines choreographed and provided by the company monthly, so never boring. At Bloomingdale Jazzercise, you’ll also find a dedicated team of Instructors and Class Managers who all have the same passion for this program! Having trouble sticking to an exercise routine – the key to consistent exercise is to find a program you like - Jazzercise is the kind of program you can stay with! We have veteran customers who have been with us for years and a steady flow of new customers all dancing together in our beautiful, clean studio! For me, the reward of motivating people to lead a fit and healthy lifestyle has enriched my life in so many ways! The people I've met through Jazzercise have become part of my "other" family! Why am I still teaching Jazzercise?? I still love it!!

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