Barbara Sexton

Barbara Sexton

Certified Jazzercise Instructor

Jazzercise offers many different routines, I choose those that are fast paced and with plenty of squats. I tend not to take breaks and keep the class moving from start to finish.


I have been a Jazzercise Instructor since 2013 teaching multiple classes a day.

About Coach

I have always been active my whole life I found Jazzercise later in life (but it's never too late) I loved it so much i got certified to instruct.

Turning Point

Motivation & Passion

The music motivates me and I pass that enthusiasm forward to the class. Once the music starts its hard not to feel the beat. Moves are easy to follow and can be done either high or low impact. With new music and routines being added regularly it really keeps classes exciting and fresh. We are here to make exercise fun.

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